Blahapedia: Jason Blaha Exposed

Jason Blaha of Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness has achieved fame on YouTube, earning tens of thousands of dollars a year in ad revenue by claiming to expose frauds. How ironic that he himself is actually the biggest fraud of them all.

The purpose of this page is to prove that Jason Blaha is not someone you should support or take advice from. He is not qualified, not intelligent, and is a massive scumbag, so it's troubling to see him continue to make money off YouTube. Everything here is backed up with evidence, which you should examine for yourself and draw your own conclusions from. Blaha is now claiming that this website and the movement against him in general are funded by the supplement industry in order to discredit him. Nah, most people already know that most supplements are useless, but you shouldn't need Blaha to tell you that.

Blaha's lies were first uncovered by the original ExposedTV YouTube channel circa 2016. The videos got hundreds of thousands of views and caused a mass exodus of subscribers on Blaha's channel. Unfortunately, Blaha managed to take the channel down by filing fraudulent copyright claims against the videos, since they used footage from Blaha's channel in order to prove that he contradicted himself. However, some of the videos have since been re-uploaded on this channel. To this day, he tries covering up everything by claiming he was just "trolling," continues to flag videos that expose him, and censors his comments section.

A Tale of Two Blahas



The man who Blaha claims to be: The Most Interesting Man In The World, Jason Blaha, codename Blahino

Real claims that he has made about himself:

Note: "BodyByFinaplix" was the username that Jason Blaha used on the Elite Fitness forums, "darketernal" was his username on the David Icke forums, and "JasonDB" was his username on It's a well known fact that those are his accounts, and Blaha himself doesn't even deny that they're his.

-Martial arts master, two black belts but refuses to say in what styles, since that would give his opponents a tactical advantage.

-Championship target shooter trained since he was 6 years old by his Green Beret father. Can score headshots at 1,000 yards. 

-Became a mercenary assassin for the Central Intelligence Agency's Special Activities Division. He is fond of quoting their motto "Latebra Factum". Here is a MUST WATCH VIDEO where he talks about his CIA past (warning: you will go to prison for the rest of your fucking life for committing espionage if you choose to watch it). He talked about training "At The Farm at Langley" (Langley, Virigina is where the headquarters of the CIA is located). He also talked about his background in stalking and killing a man while leaving behind no "alibi." He was trained in knife fighting in order to kill forward scouts and quietly assassinate people.

-Didn't have to pay Layne Norton any money when he lost the lawsuit in the United Kingdom, because the U.S. Embassy protected him. He implied that this was done as gratitude for his past service as an assassin, a privilege that they didn't even grant to Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle when he lost a defamation case. This means that Agent Blahino had more confirmed kills than Chris Kyle's 160. They wouldn't dare try to collect off him anyway since he has a level of training comparable to the British Special Air Service (SAS).

-Receives a special government pension with a sealed record for his past CIA work, which is why he doesn't have a job.

-Not only was he an assassin for the CIA, but he also revealed that he worked as a private military contractor. He was recruited by the Clinton administration during high school due to his target shooting skills. He was deployed to fight the drug cartels in Mexico and Central America and was only paid in firearms and training (at The Farm at Langley). He was also deployed to the Middle East, where he performed snatch and grabs and used advanced interrogation techniques on terrorists. He killed armed men, sniped a terrorist off a donkey when his squad mates were under fire, got PTSD as a result, and was terminated by his employer.

-Committed war crimes as a mercenary. Thankfully, he wasn't part of the military, so he was not in violation of international law!

-Left his team to do a solo job in the jungles of Central or South America. He was pursued on foot, chased by dogs, survived several engagements by himself, stole a truck, and was finally apprehended by the federal authorities of the country when he ran out of ammo. Thankfully, his mercenary squad broke him out of prison.

-Was a hitman. Looking to work as one again for the right price.

-Turned down an offer by the US army to be a commissioned officer despite never having attended West Point so he could sit at home and make $50 a day making YouTube videos instead.

-Could have become a medical doctor but chose not to. Again, $50 a day on YouTube is just so much better.

-Genius level 147 IQ (99.9th percentile of population). Scored a 1420 on the SAT (97th percentile of test takers). Double majored in Psychology and Nutritional Science at Texas A&M, achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA without ever studying.

-Worked as a male model. Rumour has it that this was one of his portfolio pictures (not srs).

-Former street racer. So that's what happened to Racer X!

-Is literally the greatest competitive eater who has ever lived. Won an eating contest in high school by eating 13 large Domino's pizzas in under two hours. This calculates into approximately 29 pounds of food/37,000 calories in one sitting.

-Expert musician. He has never demonstrated this skill on camera, but he assured us all that he took two years of honours jazz and played in heavy metal bands.

-Built hydrogen compressors. An incredible feat since he was in his early 20s and had never attended any engineering school of any kind.

-Got into a confrontation with a police officer; Blaha disarmed him and broke his ribs. Blaha was charged with illegal firearm possession when backup arrived and they found the cop's gun on Blaha.

-Ran his own steroid lab from 2000-2004 and fucked a cheerleader for a bottle of Clenbuterol and a bottle of Winstrol. He also helped NCAA athletes pass drug tests, some of them later went on to the NFL.

-Was a shredded bodybuilder at 5% body fat. Unfortunately, all photographic evidence of this was burned up in a fire.

-Squatted 605 pounds and leg pressed 2,000 pounds for 20 reps. All evidence presumed lost in The Great Fire.

-Reverse grip bench pressed 500 pounds. This is a feat that is only achievable by elite world record holding powerlifters. When asked for proof of this, he says that he doesn't have any because the Internet wasn't that popular in the early 2000s.

-Has 18 inch arms. If you don't believe him, then he is under no obligation to provide proof, you obviously haven't seen him in person. He's huge IRL. He actually had 20 inch arms in his prime.

-Didn't go bald, full luscious head of hair, shaves his head by choice.



The real Jason Blaha

-According to his first ex-wife, he didn't actually go to Texas A&M. He went to a community college in the same town called Blinn College, probably with the intention of transferring over to Texas A&M but failed to do so. If he really scored a 1420 on the SAT like he claimed, then why did he need to go to Blinn first and transfer over rather than just go to Texas A&M right away? He has no academic credentials in exercise physiology, nutritional science, or biochemistry, outside of what he may have learned during his brief time in community college, nor has he ever worked as a coach. People ask him questions every week in his Monday Q&A videos as if he's a guru on all of these subjects; in reality, he has a PhD in Looking Shit Up On Google, with a Master's in Reciting Steroid Information That He Read Off GH15. Sure, he sometimes presents sound advice, but it's always just painfully obvious common sense. Wow Jason, you made a video about how weight training is more effective for building strength and mass than calisthenics? What a revelation. Why hasn't an NFL team hired you as a strength and conditioning coach yet? Instead of waiting for some random tub of lard on YouTube to look up abstracts of studies on YouTube, why don't people just skip the middleman and get the information off Google themselves? He also wrongfully interprets data: for example, he presents studies showing that elite athletes tend to have high carb diets and used them as proof that high carb diets are the best. He doesn't understand that elite athletes need high carb diets to fuel the brutal amount of training that they do. They aren't ideal if you lift weights twice a week and sit on your fat ass the rest of the time like Jason Blaha, because all the carbs just go to waste. You can imagine the glee he felt when he found out that Michael Phelps eats an entire box of pizza every day when he's training and used that as justification for doing the same.

-He says that he's retired from bodybuilding and powerlifting, claiming that those things are unhealthy and not "true" fitness, and that he now trains for fitness and longevity. He's 5'8", 240 pounds and at least 25% body fat, he's medically obese. He's not even very strong, his best lift being a deadlift that's 2.25x his body weight, which is a joke by powerlifting standards. His other lifts are far worse and classified as intermediate: he cannot even come close to overhead pressing his body weight, and his best bench press is 335 pounds at 250 pounds body weight. He hates on anyone stronger than him as he exposes his amazing lack of knowledge about powerlifting. All this despite being on steroids, which also ruined his long-term health. He calls himself an "athlete" despite not participating in any sport, having zero flexibility, speed, or cardiovascular capacity, and breathes heavily during all of his videos where he just sits there and talks. How is he in any way an athlete and an example of true fitness?

-Self proclaimed steroid expert and ex-steroid lab owner Jason Blaha once boasted about discovering a super secret peptide stack that he was convinced would make trenbolone obsolete and transform him into Zyzz. This was the actual result. He claimed that he talked to people who "work with serious bodybuilders and professional athletes" and had methods that could stimulate satellite cell proliferation and hyperplasia. Translation: he just recited more unsourced bullshit that he read on GH15, again. How can anybody trust his advice when it comes to steroids, fitness, or nutrition after his utter failure to improve his own physique despite blasting grams of steroids for over a decade? I get it: you don't necessarily have to be ripped to give fitness advice. But fat NFL strength coaches aren't coaching themselves, they're coaching the players. Blaha IS coaching himself. He's stated that he's done with powerlifting and that his #1 goal is to improve his aesthetics in order to increase the appeal of his YouTube channel. He's tried and failed to do this for several years now. His current "cutting plan" involves eating 4,000 calories per day of heavy carbs and making up for it with 3 hours of extremely low intensity "cardio" per day (pedaling on a stationary bike while playing video games). He admits to his subscribers that he goes months without ever losing any weight. It's mind blowing that people actually follow his advice on how to cut fat. Maybe a fatass who has been cutting for 4 years and needs to hide how badly he failed by refusing to take off his shirt and wearing a girdle isn't the best person to seek out for this. In fact, the only person who's ever been documented to have been trained by him is his girlfriend. This was her two year "progress" after training under Coach Blaha.

-Circa 2016-2017, Coach Blaha gave all of his viewers advice that all they need to do is overhead press to maintain a strong chest, and chin ups are all they need to do to build big biceps. In September 2017, after not doing bench press or curls for over a year, he discovered that his bench press strength had regressed to intermediate levels (he could barely bench press more than his own body weight), and his biceps still looked like shit as always. Promptly started bench pressing again and doing curls.

-He pulls off the amazing feat of being fat yet still manages to look small as hell. Nevertheless, he claims to have the same amount of muscle mass as Ryback. We'll let you compare the two and decide for yourself whether that's true or not. He also says that he's nearly the same size as post-retirement Jay Cutler. He's not even as big as the dumpy, derpy looking NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, let alone the Mr. Olympia one. Blaha claims that he is so huge that his ex wife's friends called him "The Monster," yet The Monster is consistently dwarfed by other people who appear in videos with him: here he is with two average non lifters; with YouTuber Big J; with some average gym rats; with his friend who doesn't lift, and with a senior citizen! Even his girlfriend looks roughly the same size as him. These photos are why he never leaves his house anymore. The funny thing is, he claims that he's "way bigger in person" when the exact opposite is true: he gives off the impression of being somewhat big when he's just by himself in his videos, and it's not until he shows up to an expo or does a collab video with someone else that you realize how small he really is.

-He can't even make a smoothie without fucking up, how could he have possibly run his own steroid lab?

-Frequently fails to cite his sources when plagiarizing articles for his YouTube videos. When people call him out on this, he blames them for being too lazy to find his sources for themselves.

-His claim to fame is a workout program called "Jason Blaha's Ice Cream Fitness 5x5 Novice Program" in which he ripped off Madcow and added shrugs to them. He then gave himself props for popularizing 5x5 training, even though it's been around since Reg Park's day. He also responds to people complaining that ICF 5x5 has too much volume by calling those people lazy, which is ironic when you consider how lazy Blaha is; he could never survive his own workout program, despite being on steroids, but that sure doesn't stop him from insulting natural lifters who can't handle it. Blaha's nuthuggers love to defend him by saying that they made good gains off "his" novice program, therefore he's a genius who knows what he's talking about. Well no shit you made good gains: You're a novice! You can run ANY novice program out there and double your bench press, triple your squat etc. within a year. It doesn't mean you're forever indebted to Blaha for it.

-At one point, he had gone several months without uploading any new footage of him training. Every video was just him sitting in a chair reloading ammo and rambling about the latest article that he found on Google. Every single video was 10 minutes long in order to make more money, because YouTube allows him to load up the videos with as many ads as he wants if it's 10 minutes long. This, coupled with his noticeable weight gain in a short amount of time, caused his fans to speculate that he was now confined to a wheelchair. Blaha finally uploaded some footage of his monthly visit to the gym and doing his customary 6 total sets before calling it quits for another month. He acted like it reflected badly on other people that they thought he was in a wheelchair, rather than this reflecting badly on himself. "You know you are the fucking shittiest 'Fitness' Youtuber of all time when you have to prove to your viewers that you aren't in a wheelchair" -- FitMisc user TheKing66. When demonstrating bench press technique, any fitness YouTuber worth anything would go lie down on an actual bench and use an actual bar. Blaha on the other hand ...

-Has not held a job for at least a decade. According to his father, Blaha's claimed past occupation of "building hydrogen compressors" was actually a manual labour job working in a warehouse. His first ex-wife has testified that he quit this job and started playing World of Warcraft for 10 hours a day -- and now it suddenly becomes clear where he got the inspiration from to make the bizarre claim that he was only paid in exotic weaponry and training when he was a mercenary. He refused to get a job and claimed to suffer from vertigo, even though the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with him. His ex-wife said that she got tired of supporting him and eventually kicked him out. She described times when she came home from her nursing job exhausted after working a 12 hour shift but found herself having to do all the dirty dishes that Blaha had used during his marathon WoW sessions.

-His "secret government pension" is actually disability money, which he did eventually manage to win (he openly talked about getting disability money on Facebook in 2011 because he wasn't famous on YouTube yet). It's possible that he faked his disability in order to get benefits. Meniere's disease is a notoriously popular disease to fake among disability cheats because the timing of attacks varies greatly; hence, the claimant can explain why he's collecting disability despite squatting heavy weight in the gym. It's also suspicious that he played computer games for 10 hours a day during his supposed illness, because 3D computer games with scrolling and motion are known to exacerbate the symptoms of vertigo. He repeatedly tells his viewers the story of how he was sick in bed for a year because he couldn't even walk, using this as an excuse for why he's now obese and lost all of his strength from his 500 pounds reverse grip bench pressing, shredded with 5% body fat days. He said that the doctors had told him that he would never walk again, but he heroically recovered from his condition through sheer force of will. Yet he can't get the timeline of how long he was sick in bed straight: it varies wildly from over a year, to 8 months, to 6 months, and even only 3 months!

-He really was convicted for illegal firearms possession in 1999, but it didn't happen the way he described it on the Elite Fitness board, where he claimed to have broken the cop's ribs and stolen his gun. The actual police report was discovered and, in reality, Blaha "looked dejectedly at the ground" and admitted to the cop that he didn't have a permit for his gun. Blaha briefly considered admitting that the gun was his in order to get his two friends off the hook, but he decided against it and stayed silent, thus throwing his friends under the bus. And contrary to his claims of being a genius with a 147 IQ, the judge thought that Blaha seemed a bit slow and ordered him to take an evaluation to demonstrate that he had the educational level of a person in the 6th grade! This also contradicts his claim of having a completely clean criminal record, security clearance, and special file with the FBI due to his mercenary/CIA days.

-Bragged about how he was going to "rape Layne Norton in court" after he was sued by him for defamation. He successfully raised thousands of dollars on the forum GH15 to hire a lawyer to fight Layne. He didn't even show up to court and lost by default but kept the money that was raised for him anyway. He later claimed that he gave the money to a dog shelter (we'll let you make your own judgment regarding his credibility here).

-Solemnly swore that he never threatened Layne Norton's family, even though it was proven that he did. Afterwards, he deleted his comment from the Facebook thread. Why did he feel the need to cover it up? After all, who among us hasn't gotten a little upset and threatened to murder someone's family? Blaha once mocked Layne for getting scared by all the death threats that Blaha's fans were sending him during the lawsuit drama. Now that the shoe is on the other foot and Blaha is now supposedly the one being cyberbullied, the hypocrite is now crying and playing victim far worse than Layne ever did, lying about working with the FBI to arrest all the people who are simply exposing his lies.

-The real reason why he didn't have to pay Layne any money after losing the lawsuit is because he didn't have any. He also fled the UK and returned to the US so the judgment wouldn't apply there.

-He constantly implied that he was in the CIA until he got into a feud with popular YouTuber and ex-friend Jerry Ward, who actually trains people in the CIA and FBI. Jerry threatened to get one of his friends to do a background check on Blaha to prove that he was never in the CIA, at which point Blaha pleaded with him not to do it, claiming that he'd be committing espionage. From that point on, Blaha suddenly stopped talking about his CIA background and instead made up a story that he was a mercenary. He later attempted to reconcile his CIA story with his new mercenary story by claiming that the CIA's Special Activities Division runs a mercenary army which he was a part of. He realized that his entire adult life has been documented on the Internet and the only possible way he could have fit this story into the timeline of his life would be to push it way back into his teenage years, so that's exactly what he did. He claimed that the CIA recruited talent as young as 18 if they had the right skills and "came from the right families". He claims that his father was an ex-Green Beret, even though this has never been found to be truthful. Even if he was, it makes no difference anyway; there is no evidence that having a Green Beret father makes one eligible to be recruited by the CIA as an 18 year old kid to become a ninja assassin who is flown out into the jungles to do missions on weekends then flown back in time for school.

-Claimed that he trained "at The Farm at Langley" when referencing the training ground for CIA operatives, but The Farm isn't even in Langley, it's at Camp Peary near Williamsburg. Langley is where the headquarters of the CIA is. He mixed the two up in his haste to tell a lie about being in the CIA. And how did he survive training at "The Farm at Langley" when he claims to have suffered from a myriad of health problems, including inner ear issues (which severely affect balance) and Meniere's Disease his whole life? He once said that if he experiences any rapid change in air pressure, such as cracking a window in a car, he is "totally fucked." So much for deploying from a helicopter or plane. The CIA also requires a college degree. He has no qualifications and speaks no foreign languages. Why would the CIA hire a fat autist with balance issues, deafness in one ear, no experience, and can't even sit on his couch and speak for five minutes without running out of breath, let alone endure training at "The Farm at Langley"? I'm no secret agent, but these sound like deal breaking issues that would hamper one's ability to perform "snatch and grabs" in the Middle East like he claims he did -- not even getting into his chances of passing the psychological screening. "The only fukken snatch and grabs jason has ever done involves cheetos & isle 6" --YouTube user SkyeKingdoM

 -He later claimed that he never said that he was in the CIA, but that other people found out that he was in the CIA. He was always very careful to never claim that he was in the military, but rather that he was a private military contractor; he probably thought that not claiming military would make him safe from the Stolen Valor crowd (he was wrong!), so that he could enjoy all the prestige of claiming to be a combat veteran without any of the risks of being exposed. He claims that he was scouted out in high school to work as a mercenary because of his shooting abilities. Yet, he said that he was morbidly obese as a child until he was "well over 20", and that he couldn't even run for 100 yards without collapsing from exhaustion. So, according to him, the government recruited a morbidly obese teenager with no military experience, partial deafness, and balance problems to battle the drug cartels in Central America and terrorists in the Middle East? An actual ex-private military contractor who watched Blaha's videos had this to say: "... Special forces were involved in an almost suicidal rescue mission at Qala-i-Jangi fort in Afghanistan in 2001 to try and rescue two SAD operatives who had been overran and captured - Those guys were ex soldiers, serving CIA, fluent in various languages and highly skilled - the fact that Bloho could even try and hint with a straight face that he had anything close to that sort of background would be comical if it wasn't so blatantly disrespectful. I will feel like i've failed a little if his channel isn't completely destroyed before i decide to stop fucking with him."

-The motive for Blaha's fake CIA-trained mercenary story was more sinister than him just trying to impress a bunch of teenagers over the Internet (although that was certainly a part of it): he had a plan to open up his own tactical training school and con people out of money with his false credentials. He needed to perpetuate these fraudulent credentials in order to get anywhere, because he certainly wasn't going to be able to let his skills speak for themselves. He used to actually film himself shooting at the gun range but deleted all these videos after realizing he was exposing himself as a novice shooter with the clumsy way he handled his firearms and his awful aim (archive here). He used the excuse that he's rusty because he lived in the UK, but he's been back in Texas for years now and the "former 1,000 yard shooting champion" still has the accuracy of a novice. He loves acting the expert by making videos rambling about calibers and ballistics because he can just repeat regurgitated info that he read online, but when he's actually handling firearms on camera he can no longer fake it, and his inexperience is glaring. He's since stopped making these videos that expose his awkwardness, and he's stuck to regurgitating information while wearing camo shorts/reversed American flag hats to make people think he served, along with Punisher shirts (even though the only person Blaha punishes is the owner of the all-you-can-eat buffet). It is also apparent after watching enough videos on his firearms channel that he has a George Zimmerman-esque fantasy of "shooting someone in self defense."

-No pictures exist of his time as a mercenary. This is unusual since he is not shy about taking pictures of himself dressed up like a wizard, standing outside of toy stores, and sitting at his computer, so why not those? He clearly loves to brag about himself and play dress up. Are they all CLASSIFIED? Or did they burn up in the same fire that destroyed all of his photos when he was 5% body fat?

-After being exposed as a fake combat veteran and called out by veterans on Popular Military and other webpages, Blaha was rapidly losing subscribers and had become the joke of YouTube. In one final, desperate act, a mysterious video by "Coppertopp22" was uploaded to YouTube which supported Blaha's story of working as a mercenary in the Central American "powder wars." The man censored his face and claimed that he hadn't seen Blaha in years, but recognized him as his fellow mercenary squad-mate after reading the Stolen Valor article on Popular Military. He said that Blaha was at the time nicknamed "Hemingway" and had performed numerous acts of bravery before finally being apprehended by the federal authorities of the nameless Central American country. The story was completely ridiculous and sounded like it was lifted out of a cheap action movie, but wow, if this guy was saying Blaha really did all that, then maybe he was telling the truth about being a mercenary all along? Problem is, FitMisc unswirled the man's face in under 24 hours and discovered that he was on Blaha's Facebook friends list. A phone call was made to Coppertopp22 who initially denied knowing anything about Blaha or the video, but he eventually slipped up and outed himself before hanging up. Blaha pretended that the incident never happened and went into overdrive spending every waking hour banning everybody who spoke of it in his comments section. The fact that Blaha didn't delete his YouTube channel and hide in a cave for the rest of his life after this humiliation demonstrates how he truly has no shame. Coppertopp22 (real name Jack Parker O'Roark) later posted on FitMisc and confessed that Blaha and his girlfriend went over to his house for a barbecue one day and offered to cancel the debt on a $800 firearm they had sold him if he agreed to read the script on video.

-The real reason why Blaha got PTSD is not combat-related but because he was sexually abused as a child. This is not meant to mock him. It's sad that it happened, but it doesn't give him an excuse to go around and lie about having PTSD because he spent years working as a secret ninja assassin. However, it's possible that he made up the story about being molested. It would be a very strange thing to lie about, but with pathological liars you just never know; to them, lying feels more natural than telling the truth. Blaha is notorious for having a victim complex despite making a name for himself solely by bullying others and attempting to ruin their careers. It is also notable that for all of his bravado about how much of a hardened killer he is, he let his alleged abuser Uncle Mike live and die a natural death. Either his dangerous tough guy act is a lie or the sexual abuse story was a lie. It also contradicts an earlier story where he lost his virginity to his 8th grade teacher.

-Once Blaha's mercenary story became indefensible in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he finally admitted that it was all a lie, but claimed that he was merely "trolling" people for entertainment. But this flies in the face of his behaviour during the whole thing: if he was trolling, then why would he pay Coppertopp22 the equivalent of $800 to "help troll"? Why did he police his comments section like a hawk and delete every comment that questioned him about his mercenary claims? Why did he go to extreme lengths to suppress and flag every video he could on YouTube that merely repeated his mercenary claims? If he was just trolling, wouldn't he WANT all this stuff to spread because it meant his hilarious joke was working? He also referred to his past mercenary experience in completely serious, informative videos on his gun channel to help prove some point that he was making (see the infamous story above where he had to snipe a terrorist off a donkey to help show that green tip ammo isn't as dangerous as people think it is). Instead of coming clean as soon as his mercenary claims were causing him serious problems, he desperately continued trying to convince people of its truth for several years until his entire reputation was destroyed and lost 3/4 of his views. "It's not trolling if you ruin your own life." --Infinite Elgintensity

-Made thousands of posts on the David Icke message boards under the username "darketernal" expressing a deep belief in the conspiracy theory that the world is controlled by reptilian Illuminati overlords. He supplemented these beliefs with lies that he was one of the reptilian overlords. With this, he managed to gain moderator powers on the board. When his posts on that board were uncovered several years later, he desperately tried to explain them away by claiming that he was being paid by a book company to write thousands of fictitious posts, but a non-disclosure agreement prevented him from talking about it. However, there are a number of glaring holes in his story. Eyewitnesses who used to post at the board report that Blaha participated in video chats, was obsessed with talking about himself, and frequently hit on females during these sessions. Consequently, he met his next wife there and moved in with her in the UK. Just imagine her disappointment: she was expecting a genetically superior reptilian overlord with supernatural powers. Instead, she got BLAHA.

-Claims to be busy all the time, when in reality his day consists of: policing the comments sections of his videos for 12 hours a day and deleting/banning all criticism against him, Filming three 10 minute YouTube videos per day, taking naps while waiting for the videos to upload, scouring Google for more articles that he can regurgitate, getting up to date on all the latest YouTube fitness gossip so he can gossip about all the YouTube celebrities for views, driving his girlfriend to work and sitting in the corner watching her work like a weirdo until she's finished, going to the gym a couple times a week and lifting the exact same amount of weight each session while taking 10-15 minutes of rest between sets, then doing "cardio" which consists of him pedaling gently on his stationary bike for three hours while playing video games. He is currently "cutting" on this program and he's been stuck at 230 pounds for several months. He once vowed that even if he got cancer, he'd drag himself under a squat rack and squat twice a week. He quit squatting after David Laid issued a 100 squat challenge to him, claiming that his doctors ordered him to stop because he has a genetic heart condition that can give him a heart attack if he does them. He conveniently forgot about his deadly heart condition after a couple years and began squatting again.

-His favourite insult is "cuck" which is ironic since he's actually the cuck: his ex-girlfriend Brittany Mooncookie Leigh (yes, that is her real name, no joke) used him to drive her around because she had her own driver's license suspended after multiple DUI convictions. It's telling that she never had a single picture of him on either her Facebook or Instagram. She'd rather post pictures of clouds and shampoo bottles and clearly wasn't keen on showing off her boyfriend (who can blame her). A review of her hair styling services was found, and one woman left a negative review, complaining that Brittany hit on her boyfriend. This was after she and Blaha started dating! Blaha once made a video where he tested his own fertility, and it turns out that his steroid use had rendered him infertile. Just think: decades of steroid abuse in order to win second place at a small powerlifting meet in Buttfuck Nowhere, England, and look like a bag of mashed potatoes. Brittany actually cheered the infertility result, saying that she didn't have to get him a vasectomy and that she'd rather adopt. She clearly doesn't want his genetics (again, who can blame her). Blaha also asked her to marry him, and she turned him down. What's more, she stripped and whored herself out in a sleazy Halloween contest at a bar, allowing another man (not Blaha) to paint her ass -- this shortly after Blaha had called Nick Wright's girlfriend a whore for posting a picture of herself kissing another girl on Instagram. Brittany also wrote a blog 10 years ago detailing her experiences as a stripper and prostitute, including a colourful story where she had serviced a team of basketball players. She finally dumped him circa 2019 and revealed that Blaha himself was a fake natty, still taking steroids to improve his strength and physique to market his channel while claiming that he came off everything (she posted photographs of all the gear in a tub, with the countertop matching the place they lived in).

-He's looking forward to the day that his wealthy father dies so that he can get his inheritance. Actually, I wouldn't count on that Blaha: his father has disowned him. The exact reason is unknown, but his first ex-wife said that he wasn't allowed to be alone in his parents' house in his 20s because they didn't trust him and thought that he'd steal from them. It's also worth noting that a curious FitMiscer seeking information about Blaha's past occupations contacted his stepmother and used the ruse that he was a UK official investigating possible disability fraud committed by Blaha, to which she responded, "Not surprised." Blaha also claims that his father is a psychopath who would kill somebody and his entire family for phone calling him under false pretenses. Bro, your father isn't Keyser Soze, he's just some old crank who is understandably disappointed with your existence.

-Stated that there is no reason for anybody to buy protein powder and that anybody who does so is falling for a marketing scheme. He then turned around and endorsed protein powder for money.

-Once claimed that he couldn't join the military and kill people for moral reasons, but then later stated that he would have no problem killing a random innocent person if he were paid $100,000. He loves to get on his moral high horse when it comes to the supplement industry or YouTube fitness personalities lying to people, but he doesn't have the right to ever do so when he has revealed himself to be a far bigger scumbag than people who take steroids and claim that they don't, or people who sell bottles of supplements that don't work for $50. Jason Blaha will do ANYTHING for money ... except get a job.

-The straight to DVD tough guy claimed that his friends and family members know better than to screw with him because they know that he'd respond with deadly force and kill them three times before they hit the ground, yet he got his ass kicked in a bar fight and got a black eye. He had no choice but to continue making videos with a black eye because he lives off YouTube ad money and couldn't afford to take a single day off. Predictably, he tried to spin the story and claimed that he went to a bar with the wife of his friend and subdued an uncouth ruffian who was harassing her. His story makes no sense. Why would a man let another man take his wife to a bar? Just to make the story extra corny, he claimed that the bar owner personally bought him a drink for diffusing the situation and Blaha sang karaoke with the bouncer afterwards.

-Ever since moving back to Texas, he's adopted the persona of a gun-crazy right wing conservative who loves Donald Trump and hates Hillary Clinton. Part of the reason why he pretends to hate Hillary and Bill Clinton is because of the hardships he suffered under the Clinton Administration when he was an imaginary CIA mercenary. He was singing a very different tune back when he was living in the UK, proclaiming himself as being "very liberal" and actually wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton as Democratic Party leader instead of Obama! Blaha has no real beliefs, he just adopts whatever is convenient in order to fit in with the people around him. When discussing his switch to veganism back in the UK, he was on the verge of tears when telling the story about witnessing his best friend the cow being slaughtered. He even went so far as to say that eating meat was ethically worse than rape and that slaughtering animals was worse than the Holocaust. After moving back to Texas, he abandoned veganism, said that he only did it because his ex-wife forced him to, and said that people who don't eat bacon are little fucking bitches.

-In Texas, Blaha and his girlfriend started attending a local right wing television show called Tommy's Garage. He attempted to ingratiate himself to everyone there by wearing Donald Trump shirts and his extensive valour stealing wardrobe. Contrary to his claims of being an alpha male killer who intimidates everyone the moment he walks into a room, he was mocked and treated as a nuisance on set. He was even shoved out of camera view so they could take a group shot (without him in it). The producers were made aware of Blaha's stolen valour and he was kicked out.

-Pretends to be friends with people, saves all of the private conversations that he has with them, and then backstabs them later by publishing these private conversations for everyone to see in order to publicly embarrass them. He has done this three times now: with Jerry Ward, Infinite Elgintensity, and Ian McCarthy. The crime that Ian committed to deserve that? He said that Blaha was acting a little bit crazy by threatening to murder Layne Norton's family. Let this be a warning to anybody who chooses to associate himself with Jason Blaha (Chris Jones, I'm talking to you bro): Blaha is recording all of his interactions with you and waiting for the perfect opportunity to use them against you.

-Essentially condoned the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand in which 50 Muslims (including a 2 year old child) were massacred by a white supremacist. Blaha suggested that the shooter was provoked by "an evil invading army and death cult that plans on destroying the entire western world" and should only be punished with probation, community service, and the requirement to take a firearms safety course.

-Made a racist comment about Infinite Elgintensity having "a tiny little asian dick". Why does he think that he's in any position to mock someone else's penis size? We've all seen the pictures of him posing in his underwear. He has a micro dick.

-Is fucking bald, holy shit, why can't he just admit it? There's nothing wrong with being bald, but the fact that he can't even admit it says volumes about his insecurity. When looking at pictures of him in his early 20s, it's evident that he was already balding. I'm not sure if he's lying or if he's actually delusional enough to believe that having a George Costanza ring of hair around the sides and back counts as not being bald. He also tried claiming that he has blond hair, which is why you can't see his hairline shadow, even though he clearly does not, and even if he did, it wouldn't make much of a difference anyway. There's also times where he slips up and fails to shave his head for a few days, revealing his true hairline. He could very easily silence all the naysayers by simply letting his hair grow out for a week to prove that he's not bald, but he refuses to do so, I wonder why. 



Pissening quotations from Jason Duane Blaha a.k.a. Jason Bloho, Jason Bluha, John Blano, Blowjob, The 8 Buck Cuck, Agent 8.37 Blahino, Our Boy Hemingway, The Monster, Janoy Blaha, The Straight to DVD Tough Guy, Calvin Klinefelter, The Hunchback of Timmons Lane, The Bedroom Dog Killer, The Gay Muscle Pig, Cuckferatu, The Gravy Seal, Could've Been a Doctor Strange, Fatberg

"I do come across as the tough guy, the alpha male." --Jason Blaha

"I do have that intimidation factor and I do come across, especially to a lot of other guys as, VERY INTIMIDATING, I have a presence when I come in a room, and that's been told to me by quite a few people that I'm a very intimidating person and I'm very scary in some ways, and I have to try to keep that reeled in, and that has to do with my upbringing and my training ... and yes I did crack under the PTSD from some of the work I did later which again, I can't discuss with you guys, I got to see some interesting things in life, but if I talk about it I'll spend the rest of my life in prison. But it gave me an interesting perspective on life, and yeah I'm a very damaged person as a result of that, I don't hold human life in the same value that a lot of people do, it doesn't have a whole lot of meaning to me, and a lot of people kind of get that impression who meet me, particularly veterans and other things, definitely pick up on my thousand yard stare." --Jason Blaha

"I deadlift over 600 pounds, you think I can't kill you with my bare hands? Think about it. Think about that for a minute." --Jason Blaha

"I can survive in the woods for 20 years with a good knife." --Jason Blaha

"I've had an ex who was very much into other girls. But I didn't make it everyone's business. I didn't run around telling everyone." --Jason Blaha

"If I felt like deadlifting was hard I would quit doing it." --Jason Blaha

"I stopped at 6 [reps] ... my hands are a little sore. That's enough for today." --Jason Blaha

"Have I gained body weight? Yes. Have I gained fat? No I haven't."

--Jason Blaha

"Marathon runners put in more cardio than even someone like me does." --Jason Blaha

"American means a citizen of the USA. Not all names of peoples use their country in it. People from Belgium are called Dutch." --Jason Blaha

"The only time I've been knocked out was by my father who hit me in the head with a steel pipe when we got into a fight. When he slapped me awake and made sure I didn't have a concussion he said, 'Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill every time, remember that son.' " --Jason Blaha

"Only a beta phaggot would ever let anyone imprison them. In fact when I was taking some criminology courses we went to a juviline detention center and I told them the holding cell wasn't very good and they allowed me to demonstrate and I escaped their fully magnetically locked cell and made it out side the building in less than 10 minutes." --Jason Blaha

"Because I know that you can't provide security that has the same level of training that I have, and for those who don't understand: I trained at The Farm at Langley. Anyone who knows what that is knows what that means. You can't provide security capable of providing security I can provide for myself, NON-NEGOTIABLE." --Jason Blaha

"Yes I have a classified background, yes I have non-disclosure agreements, so technically anything that anyone finds about me, if they get a hold of it it's illegal for them to have it, if they spread it around they're guilty of espionage. So, SIMON, if someone sent you any rumours of what the fuck I used to do and you spread it around, you'll go to prison for the rest of your fucking life, and so will the people who gave you the information who got a hold of shit they're not supposed to get a hold of. No I don't talk about my past because I used to work in intelligence, I worked in intelligence until I cracked under the stress from the PTSD, and then they terminated me, and told me that if I ever talked about specifically what I did that I would spend the rest of my fucking life in prison. So yeah, I'm a little bit fucked up, I'm a little bit crazy! And no I was never in the military but that doesn't mean that I didn't serve my country, that doesn't mean that I never risked my life for my country, it doesn't mean I never killed for my country." --Jason Blaha

"The thing is guys, I don't feel that I've told you guys lies, and if you guys want to not accept that, and you want to say, 'Jason, I don't believe you, you're a big fat liar' that's fine, I hit the ban button and you can go on with your life. But the reality is, I legitimately believe that I haven't told major lies, other than my involvement with supplement stuff, on this channel. Kay. That's it." --Jason Blaha

"... They seem to have forgotten last time we did a Draw Muhammad contest to lure them in. That was Hajji bait. We did that and it worked and like what they did with the Charlie Hebdo shooting, they sent two dumbasses with minimal training with AK-47s, you know they killed 12 people in Paris; we killed them here before they killed anybody, and we all thought it was funny and we wanted them to send more. In fact we've been talking about doing MORE Draw Muhammad contests here just so we can lure more of them out so that we can kill them. Because in Texas, we think that sort of thing is fun. We're the most militant, heavily armed and heavily trained culture on the face of the Earth right now. We are the new Spartans ... we're the type of people, we're not even going to give you a clean death. We are the type of people that will be like, 'Hey, fuck this Hajji, I'm gonna shoot him in the gut at 300 yards and let him bleed out for a little while.' And then when he's too weak to fight back, me and my friends are go gonna pick him up ... and have a little fun with him, and make him fucking talk before we feed him to the pigs. THAT'S Texas ... we're the type of people that we will just tell Obama, 'Fuck you, you're a Muslim and a terrorist yourself. We're not going to listen to you' ... we're just gonna go over and start nuking the Middle East, fuck em. We're just gonna go over to the Middle East and start nuking them ourselves, we'll probably start with Mecca, and then, again, Texas being Texas, when outrage in the Muslim world goes up, any city that we see burning a Texas flag, we'll probably nuke them too. Why, because unlike the rest of America we don't care about the oil in the Middle East. The only reason why Islam has been allowed to survive at this point being the threat that it is to the world, is because they have oil. Texas doesn't need your oil, we don't care if the entire Middle East burns ... and in my experience Hajjis can't even fight anyways, you guys suck at combat." --Jason Blaha

[On Ahmed Mohamed, the 14 year old boy who brought a fake bomb clock to school] "That's where this little terrorist belongs ... he belongs in prison, or he belongs in the hands of military intelligence where they can waterboard him for a couple years and find out who all his other connections are." --Jason Blaha

"I don't care how many third world shitholes we have to bomb. I don't care how many of them we have to kill. I don't care how much collateral damage there is. I don't care how many people we have to throw into places like Guantanamo and torture. I hope our government puts a bullet in every one of their heads. And you know what? If they ever ask civilians to do it for them, I'll be the first to pull the trigger. And I don't care for having any mercy whatsoever at all. Why haven't we gathered up all the Saudi Arabian nationals in this country? We did it with Japan, we took away everyone's basic rights. We can't claim that people have rights when they're the enemy or you think they're the enemy. What do we do to Japanese Americans who were born here, Japanese descent? We put them all into internment camps just for being the children of people from Japan, who had no sympathies with that country. We put them into camps. Well, we know Saudi Arabia is the enemy. Why aren't we doing something about their nationals in our country? Why aren't we putting them into camps or shipping them back, deporting them, putting them into camps, doing something about them? We should have seized all Saudi Arabian assets in this country, declared war on Saudi Arabia, rounded up every one of their citizens living in our country and executed them on public television, and then fired multiple nuclear warheads at that country. To show them this is what happens when you come to our country, and we will seize all of your assets, all of your money, and we will destroy you. That is the message we should have sent. We should have destroyed them. We should have literally wiped that god damn country off the map. They should have got nukes, and we should have executed every single citizen of their country sitting in our country and seized all of their assets. We did it before with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and I think that was the right choice then, and I think it's the right choice now." --Jason Blaha

"I think it should be punishable by death, and that would include this woman. People are saying it's too harsh; no I think it's too harsh that the American citizens gotta pay for her for 8 years. She's not even one of our citizens. I say they put a bullet in her head on national television and set an example. Put a bullet in her head and then fling her body over the wall with a catapult back over to Mexico for them to deal with. I think that would be fair." --Jason Blaha

"We can let them pick between execution or 10 years indentured servitude. So we can put collars around their neck with a little small explosive device. If they try to take the collar off, run too far from the sensor or they try to rebel and become aggressive, we can get the wardens to press the button and detonate it. Screw them. We are clearly the superior ones and they're only trying to denigrate us because they're scared of us. Maybe we need to just get rid of all of them. We have every right to kill them. Their lives belong to us the moment they cross that border to do with as we please from a legal perspective. They are in our country illegally. If we want to shoot them in the head we can do that. It's beautiful. And that's exactly what we should do to the ones we catch who can't work. They're not capable of working that 10 years, fine, 9 milimeter bullet to the head in a ditch; problem solved." --Jason Blaha

"When you try to explain to the Brits what Thanksgiving is, they're usually like, 'Wait, is that when you guys celebrate the genocide and slaughter of the Native Americans?' And I have to tell them, 'Yes. That's exactly what we did. We sit around the table where we stuff ourselves and we talk about how wonderful it is that all the Native Americans were slaughtered and that we killed them with smallpox,' that's exactly what we do. No that's not actually what we do. Thanksgiving is actually about giving thanks to the things that you have ... but you know as far as the Native American thing goes, look. While it was a horrible thing, I for one am grateful that it happened because if it hadn't happened, then I wouldn't have been born, I wouldn't be here. And you know if a million people gotta die for me to live -- I can live with that! I don't know, call me a bad person but I can live with that. I'm just kidding. But not really." --Jason Blaha

"I've got a little modest proposal: I think in the future, when you have a group in Congress and the Senate who can't come up with a balanced budget, they can't balance the budget, we should automatically, we as the taxpayers need to vote this in, they should automatically all be executed. All their families executed ... we're already $20 trillion in debt, we can't borrow any more money. That's it, if they want to borrow a single penny to pay for anything, if they can't balance the budget, if they go over it by one penny, execute all of them, all of their offspring, all their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, wipe their entire family lines out as punishment." --Jason Blaha

"So, those of you who don't believe any of this, that's okay I really don't give a fuck. I'm still telling my story. This is -- this is what it is and if you don't believe me, fuck you go fuck yourself I don't care. For all these guys who are veterans who are standing there still screaming about your valour, stolen valour, after what I just told you, that that sounds like I'm stealing any of your valour, you know what? Fuck you kid. And go fuck yourself I don't really care what you think. But I will tell you this: if you decide that you're going to come confront me physically about it, you better not be a fucking Pog. You better be a stone cold killer. If you come at me aggressively, voice raised negative body language, as someone who I know is a trained killer. Because I don't flinch anymore when I hear a rifle round come by my head, when I hear that WHOOP and that snap or that sonic boom. I haven't flinched in 20 years from that shit. I got over that a long time ago. So if you come at me I want you to know son: it's not gonna be me who goes in the ground. I'm still here. I'm still upright and drawing air." --Jason Blaha

"I have no opinion of a mentally handicapped person being manipulated by trolls to make absurd rambling videos." --Jason Blaha, who is surprisingly not talking about himself


Jason Blaha is a lifelong con artist, a mentally ill narcissist who feels the need to command attention as a guru on whichever subject happens to catch his interest at the moment. He first fabricated claims about being a bodybuilding fitness guru who operated his own steroid lab on the Elite Fitness forums. Later, he moved onto the David Icke conspiracy theory forums, where he once again commanded respect for his claims that he was an Illuminati insider and reptilian overlord. After being banned from there, he moved back into the fitness scene and built a large following on YouTube with his image as an all knowing, alpha male badass. He went even further than that, later becoming interested in firearms, and consequently making up outlandish stories about being a hardened killer. His plan was to establish his reputation as an ex-CIA trained mercenary to swindle people out of money with his tactical training school and firearms business. Thankfully, he was exposed before he was able to set this up and had to go back to scraping pennies together via YouTube views by deceiving people into believing that he's a fitness authority. We encourage you to examine both sides of the story: the mountain of evidence provided on this website suggesting that Blaha is a fraud, and the evidence that Blaha has for all his claims, which is, in its entirety: "Jason Blaha said so." Admittedly, his outlandish persona worked out well for him for a while, gaining him 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. However, if someone chooses to make use of these underhanded methods in order to reap the short term profits, then that person needs to be prepared to face the long term consequences when those lies eventually catch up with him.

But at least he's not bald.

What can you do about Jason Blaha?

First and foremost, DO NOT GIVE BLAHA VIEWS ON YOUTUBE! Giving him views supports him financially. Despite Blaha's reputation being completely destroyed and losing 4/5 of his views since being exposed, he refuses to leave YouTube and is like a cockroach subsisting on the small amount of views he continues to get. It's estimated that he still makes around $20,000 a year off YouTube ad money, which is far too much for contributing negative value to the world. Don't leave comments on his channel, because it counts as "interaction" and boosts the video in the eyes of YouTube's algorithm -- he'll just delete any negative comment anyway. If you must watch his videos to observe what he's doing, do so through two channels that mirror his videos: NDA and FBI. If you insist on watching videos on Blaha's own channel, it's IMPERATIVE that you install AdBlock to your browser so you don't give him any money from the ads. And be sure to drop a nice dislike on the video to warn unsuspecting new viewers that the channel is trash. If you know somebody who watches Jason Blaha for fitness information, bring their attention to this webpage and let them know that he is a fraud with no credentials to speak about fitness and has demonstrably failed coaching results. Friends don't let friends watch Jason Blaha. However, don't tell people about Blaha who have never heard of him, even if you want to share a hilarious story about a delusional man-child who wants people to think that the CIA hired him as a teenage assassin, because this won't help matters. It only helps him to get more YouTube views and stay relevant.


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